Energy Efficient Electric Radiators.

Energy Efficient Electric Radiators Save Money This Winter.

Save money with new features on Energy Efficient electric radiators. Motus and motus plus Callidus latest offering of electric heaters with all the latest technology.

Winter is on the way and the evenings are starting to draw in and the day and nights are starting to get a little chilly. Most of us will be turning on our heating. Continue reading

Operation Guide – Motus Radiators

Operation Guide – Motus Radiators tips on how to set up.

Listed below are a few quick steps from Operation Guide to ensure you able to use the installed Callidus Energy MOTUS radiator. All of the information used below can be found in the instruction manual supplied with every radiator. Continue reading

Electric Heaters vs Night Storage Heaters

Electric heaters vs Night Storage heaters – pros & cons

If your home, like many flats or rural residences, has no gas supply or relies on night storage heaters as a primary heating source, finding the most efficient way to heat your home can be difficult.

At heater store, Callidus electric heaters are designed to take the guesswork of knowing how much energy you put in your night storage heater then you can’t be sure of the weather the following day.

Continue reading

Electric Heating For Home

Heating your Home with Electric Heating system is so easy

Winter has its drawback and shortcoming just like any other weather condition, and once the mercury is relatively low, it turns out to be suffocating to take a stroll and breathe cold as well as dense air. The advice is to keep within the comforts of home. On the other hand what if your radiator makes it further uncomfortable for you with warm and stuffed head and numb feet? On the other hand, the good news is to hold back the misery with heating your home with electric heating. Continue reading

Solar power

Solar Power for Heating Your Home

If you’re looking for effective ways to reduce the cost of your monthly electric bills, then you could find and use some great alternatives to make it happen. Two of the most famous means is the usage of wind power or solar power. Most homeowners are using solar power for various purposes, such as heating your home using an electric home heater. Continue reading

Electric Radiators

Electric Radiators no mess, no pipes, no fuss

We spend time carefully researching the newest developments to make sure you only get the best and the most excellent in Electric Radiators. We believe in providing you with the excellent value for your hard-earned money that is why all our wall mounted a warranty backs electric heaters and we offer free delivery.

Our state of the art wall mounted electrical heating products could make the way you heat your room. Continue reading

Led Lamps

LED Lamps reduced energy over the traditional lights

The LED lamps are known to be the most preferable and convenient alternative for conventional bulbs, or the Light Emitting Diode lamps are within the solid state. They make use of the light emitting diodes for light production. The light that was produced by the single diode would be tiny than the incandescent lamps.

Therefore, multiple diodes are used for producing more light. Because of its eco-friendly nature and efficiency, such lamps are broadly replaced. Continue reading

Buying electric heaters

What to consider when buying electric heaters

When deciding to warm your home with electric heaters that are a few options to choose between. Electric heaters are one of the more efficient ways to heat your home so is a good choice if you are looking to save money on your electricity bill. However, there are a few key elements to choose between when purchasing your electric heaters to gain the most from them. In this article, we will give you valuable information to make your choice a little easier. Continue reading

Electric Heating Systems

Electric Heating Systems: What You Need to Know

Electrical heating systems also have lots of amazing benefits. There are plenty of advantages of this type of system which these days almost all the homes and also the commercial structures use only this kind of Electric Heating Systems which utilises electricity as the primary source of energy. Continue reading

Cleaning an electric heater

Why it’s important to keep your electric heater clean

As well as looking far better than a dirty, unclean one, keeping your electric heater clean and free from dust and dirt can help to keep your heating costs down.

Dust and dirt in between the fins of a natural convection electric heater can prevent heat from escaping, which will mean your electric heater will have to work harder to heat your room which will cost you more to run.

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