Buying electric heaters

What to consider when buying electric heaters

When deciding to warm your home with electric heaters that are a few options to choose between. Electric heaters are one of the more efficient ways to heat your home so is a good choice if you are looking to save money on your electricity bill. However, there are a few key elements to choose between when purchasing your electric heaters to gain the most from them. In this article, we will give you valuable information to make your choice a little easier.

A thermostat on electric heaters.

Only choose an electric heater that has a thermostat built into the unit. For the perfect controllability and efficiency, it wouldn’t make sense not to have this control. With the thermostat turning the heater on and off to keep the room at the optimum temperature, you won’t have to worry about the heater gets too hot or too cold.

If you didn’t have thermostatically controlled electric heaters, the heaters would be running on full.  This would then make the room too hot and therefore uncomfortable, hence then turning it off manually. The constant ‘off, on’ of the heaters is a much less cost efficient way of heating your home. This is why it is so important to have a thermostatically controlled unit.

Choosing the right electric heaters for the room

To make sure you get the best heat and efficiency from electric heaters you need to make sure you get the correct size heater for the size of the room. A small heater in a large room, even just slightly too small, will make the heater work a lot harder and will not offer a sufficient heat solution for your home. The room would take a lot longer to get to the desired temperature, therefore costing a lot more to run.

So a safe way to avoid this problem is to use a room calculator or over spec the size of the electric heaters you buy for the room. For example, if your room needs a 1100w heater to warm the room efficiently, don’t downsize to a 1000w heater to save money. Install a larger 1250w heater, and although you will pay a little more upfront, the electric heater will get up to the desired temperature quicker and then switch off, in turn saving you money in the long run.

So, what controls shall I get on my electric heaters?

Most modern electric heaters have a thermostat to keep the heater at the desired temperature and will also have frost protection. But when you leave the property the heaters will still be running at the same temperature as when you are at home which is a waste of energy and money. So you need to choose the control on the electric heaters which suit you and your needs best. Here is some general information on the different types of controls:

Normally there are three types of controls

  • Analogue
  • Digital
  • App-controlled

Analogue controls

Analogue is the basic control on the electric heaters. You turn an analogue switch on the heater to set the desired temperature. Most people are happy with this basic control because it works for them and it’s nice and easy to use. The problem with this type of control though is every time you leave the property you will have to walk around the house to turn all of the heaters off, or down, individually.

There are a few ways to get around this problem to make the analogue electric heaters more controllable by you. You can use an individual timer plug to set the times preferable to you of when you want to heat. This option will not turn the heater up or down it will just turn the electric heaters on or off to the times set on the plug.

Another option is that if you have replaced night storage heaters, you can use the existing electric points and change your economy seven fuse board over to a normal electric tariff. If you are going to rewire the electrical points of the heaters back to one place, you can use a wireless programmable thermostat to control your electric heaters.

Please note you can turn on the electric heaters if the heat drops below the desired temperature but you can’t turn the temperature above the set controls on the electric heaters. Although you can turn the temperature down by the wireless thermostat.

You still save money with the energy efficient analogue electric heaters because you can set rooms at different temperatures on all the heaters.

Digital controls with 24 hours 7-day time clock

Digital controls are the perfect solution for most people. On the heater, it will have a display that shows the temperature of the room and the temperature set on the electric heaters. You can change the temperature you would like on the heater by pushing the up or down buttons.

Then in the settings of the heater, there are more features that you can use to suit your everyday lifestyle. You can programme the heater to turn on and off to suit you with the desired temperature at different times of the day.

For example, when programming

You and your family get up to work, and school at 7 am so you can set the electric heaters to come on at 6 am at 21 degrees then go back to 15 degrees at 9 am because everybody has left the house.

Someone comes home for lunch at 1 pm so. Therefore, the heaters are set to come on from 12 pm, at 21 degrees, until 2 pm, when they will go back down to 15 degrees.

At 5 pm all the family comes home, so the heaters are set to come on at 4 pm at 21 degrees until 11 pm when they go back to 15 degrees as everyone has gone to bed.

The thermostat will not let the heaters turn on if the temperature doesn’t drop below the temperature set on the heaters.

This controllability is why we think digital is the perfect solution to save energy and money.  Also, you can easily set different temperatures in the rooms at various times of the day to suit you.

App-controlled electric heaters

App-controlled heaters have the same benefits of a digital heater, but you have even more control. So if you have your settings in the heater set up to suit your lifestyle but you come home early from work you can get out your phone, tablet or laptop and if you have an internet connection or 3g/4g you can fully control your heater system from outside your house, but you will need a Wi-Fi gateway like nexho wifi module.

You can turn the heaters up and down or change programmes to make it perfect for when you get home or save money by turning the heating off because you are not going home.

You could be sat on the sofa and want to turn the heaters up so you can warm the bedroom to the desired temperature before going to bed.

This can be the perfect solution for someone with a second home or a rented property so you can see what temperature the room is when you are not there and adjust the heaters to stop frost and keep the property warm.

Modern electric heaters are more attractive to look at than old heaters

Once you have narrowed down your choice of a heater to match the needs of the rooms and your lifestyle accurately, you can then consider aesthetics. Of course, it is nice to choose a heater you like the look of, but you can lose the efficiency of the heater so be careful.

We hope that this article has given you useful information on making the correct decision when purchasing your new electric heaters.

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