Electric Heaters vs Night Storage Heaters

Electric heaters vs Night Storage heaters – pros & cons

If your home, like many flats or rural residences, has no gas supply or relies on night storage heaters as a primary heating source, finding the most efficient way to heat your home can be difficult.

At heater store, Callidus electric heaters are designed to take the guesswork of knowing how much energy you put in your night storage heater then you can’t be sure of the weather the following day.

Thermostatic controlled electric heaters only draw electricity when your room temperature dips below the desired temperature. This should be how all heating systems are used to save energy and money.

Night Storage heaters are old technology and do not offer a level of smooth control and efficient operation. Heat is released through the day when many of us are working, and you often find that you need to top this up in the evening when you need it most.

Callidus electric heaters have loads of advantages over Night storage heaters, here are a few essential.

Callidus electric heaters

  • Low maintenance – never has to be serviced like gas boilers and they are easy to clean.
  • Warms the air, doesn’t burn the dust.
  • Heating on demand 24 hours a day seven days a week when you need it.
  • 98mm slimline.
  • A thermostat on all heaters.
  • Controllable heating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Doesn’t heat when the home when it’s not needed.
  • In a well-insulated property, 6 hours of energy will give 12 hours of heating.
  • Weight from 9kg – 23kg.

Night Storage heaters

  • Low maintenance but burns the air so can make your walls go black. (burnt dust from elements)
  • Dry heat.
  • Heating not on demand 24 hours a day seven days a week.
  • It can get too hot in the morning, so you open the window to let the heat out, but you can’t rewarm the property throughout the day.
  • 185mm depth on average not slimline.
  • No Thermostat on most heaters.
  • Not controllable 24 hours a day seven days a week so if it’s cold in the evening you can’t turn it on.
  • Heat when you least need it – in the mornings, not later in the day.
  • Up to 10 hours a night to charge up.
  • Older models may contain asbestos.
  • Weight from 39kg – 144kg.

About asbestos in night storage heaters, insulation materials using asbestos were withdrawn in 1973. All night storage heaters made from 1974 onwards have to be asbestos free.

If you have purchased an old property, pre-1974, night storage heaters may have been installed. If you want to know if your night storage heater contains asbestos, you can check for asbestos here.

Heat quality and electricity consumption

Night Storage heaters mainly deliver their heat by convection. Air heated by the unit rises and, as it cools, it falls creating a current of air which flows around the room. Often, night storage heaters are situated opposite a window to improve this convection current.

At the heater store, our Callidus wall mounted electric heaters deliver their heat by radiant and natural convection air flows through the fins on the heaters without burning and drying the air to make the temperature more comfortable and can be situated anywhere in the room without cold spots.

Night storage heaters use economy seven off-peak electricity. Economy 7 is an energy plan, officially known as a ‘differential tariff’, that can help you pay less for your electricity. You pay a higher price during the day, but cheaper rates for seven to ten hours during the night. However, most people use most their electricity during on-peak times which will draw power at the higher rate using these tariffs.

We have found that people pay between 5-9p for night time rate and 15-24p a day rate with a standing charge up to 24p a day. If you don’t have economy seven you should be paying something like 13p across the 24 hour period. Meaning it could be a sizable saving just to have a reasonable tariff when as you will likely use the majority of your electrical devices such as the dishwasher, kettle, computers, tv and other appliances outside of the Economy 7 time.

So, let’s do a quick estimation.

Night storage heaters use the nighttime rate.

  • Large night storage heater 3.4kw in a room 5m x 4m at 2.4m height.
  • Charging for 7 hours a night.
  • 1kw = 1000w one unit of electricity.
  • 7 hours x 3.4kw = 23.800kw to fully charge.
  • 23.8kw at 7p per unit = £1.66 per heater per day.
  • You can’t stop this heat you have paid for coming out of the unit, so this will always cost this much to run even if it’s a beautiful day outside.
  • Also, you may need to put on auxiliary heating in the evening such as a 2-3kw fan heater to keep warm, so more expense.

Callidus electric heater uses the daytime rate on the same size room.

  • Callidus large 12 fins electric heater 1.5kw in a room 5m x 4m at 2.4m height.
  • The heater will be Using the same 7 hours of energy.
  • 1kw = 1000w one unit of electricity.
  • 7 hours x 1.5kw = 10.500kw to heat a well-insulated room for 14 hours thermostatically controlled.
  • 10.5kw at 13p per unit = £1.36 per heater per day running on max.
  • You can stop the heat coming out of this heater because the built-in thermostat will turn the heater off meaning this estimate would likely be cheaper.
  • The heater will be the correct size for the room and will be set to a temperature you’re happy with, like 21 degrees and not running on max which will bring the cost down again.
  • When you leave the house or when the outside temperature is warmer, you can reduce the thermostat temperature to help cut costs further.
  • Frost guard on the unit will not allow the temperature go below 5 degrees.

You should see at least a 30% saving against night storage heaters when you change over to Callidus. Also, you save money in the daytime and evening when you use most of your electricity by just changing your tariff for a better deal.

Replacing night storage heaters with Callidus electric heaters

If you already have night storage heaters installed, don’t despair. Replacing them with Callidus electric heaters is very easy. You can put the new Callidus heaters where your night storage heater is now.

  • Use the same switch fuse spur or 20amp double pole switch.
  • Change the economy seven tariffs to a fixed daytime tariff.
  • Get the second fuse board changed over to be on a daytime tariff. (we recommend you get an electrician to do this)
  • Or put them in a same or new location in the room then you can just plug them into a standard 13amp socket, but please make sure you don’t put too many heaters on the same circuit (if unsure please ask an electrician for advice).

Callidus is the perfect to reduce energy consumption and save money

  • Control the temperature of the room.
  • Reduce the temperature at night or when not occupied.
  • No moving parts so don’t need expensive services every 12 months.
  • Don’t mark your wall with burn marks so no need to decorate.
  • No plumbing or pipework like conventional gas boilers.
  • A thermostat will be accurate to 0.2 of a degree.
  • Built to last with a 10-year warranty.
  • Flawless made-to-measure heat delivery each time you use and need it most with a hassle-free installation design.
  • Callidus heaters Use radiant and natural heating methods for an environmentally and family friendly heat source.
  • Units Operate Independently.
  • Can be programmed to suit your needs.
  • Child locks can also be enabled.

Control Wirelessly

Callidus electric heaters can be controlled wirelessly – this means you can check/change/program the temperature anywhere in the world for individual rooms from your iPhone, iPad, laptop, tablet, smartphone.

100% Efficient

The conversion of electricity to heat is direct, meaning there is no wasted energy as opposed to fossil-fueled systems.

Go Green

Since Callidus electric heaters are powered by electricity, you can do your bit for the environment and run them from solar PV or other green energy sources.

This level of control is easy using our Callidus electric heaters. Don’t forget every heater is fitted with thermostatic controls.

If you are looking for an efficient source of heating, with low installation costs, no ongoing maintenance and an attractive design, then please view our electric heater range.

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