Energy Efficient Electric Radiators.

Energy Efficient Electric Radiators Save Money This Winter.

Save money with new features on Energy Efficient electric radiators. Motus and motus plus Callidus latest offering of electric heaters with all the latest technology.

Winter is on the way and the evenings are starting to draw in and the day and nights are starting to get a little chilly. Most of us will be turning on our heating.

Callidus has made a brand new range of heaters trying to make them energy efficient as possible with all the latest technology.

  • Babycare function – temperature limit this feature will let you drop the surface temperature of the heater.
  • Pir Motion sensor – up to a 12% saving the sensor will notice when nobody is in the room and drops the temperature of the heater down.
  • Open window detector and door sensor – the heater will detect when a window or door has been left open a turn off the heater.
  • Simple to programme – 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Ideal replacement – to storage heaters oil & wet systems
  • Colour display – according to temperature changes colour to show if the electric heater is running efficiently or inefficiently.
  • 10-year warranty – on the heater.
  • Wifi enabled heaters to help programme and save energy.
  • The heaters come with an option to control from anywhere in the world ideal for people with a second home or someone who would like to turn their heating on when they’re on the way home from work.
  • Low Capital and Installation Expenses.

Ideal Replacements for Storage Heaters

Electric heating systems are so easy to set up, making sure the cost of setting up kept low. It doesn’t need any pipe-work, just a connection to the electrical circuits, so it could frequently be set up in only a matter of minutes.

For latest build properties this signifies it could go through to the second fix wiring phase. And for replacements and refurbishments, it means no or minimal disturbance for the household.

What is more, because this can work as a system, it is cheap and straightforward to put in heaters to a system when you have enough budget.

Heating your home with energy efficient electric heating systems don’t need a pipe-work. Therefore there are no limitations on the design or building layout and no planning or regulatory problems related to positioning of pie or flues to restrict you. This kind of heater could also be set up almost anywhere in your room, and again be helping freedom of design.

There are two new ranges to choose from the energy efficient motus electric heater, and motus plus wifi enabled both of the new electric heaters to have the features on above.

There are six different sizes of new heaters 600w 800w 1000w 1300w 1500w and 1800w.

Check out the new heaters on heater store

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