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FAQ’s – Essential Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’d like to have heaters to come on and off when I choose what range is best for me?
A. We would recommend the following two ranges  Calthermic Montblanc heaters or the Calthermic Montblanc plus heaters.

Q. Who can fit these heaters?
A. They come with a plug so they can be plugged into a standard UK plug. Alternatively, you can get an electrician to fit them if the wiring is needed. Wall fixing is required, and although all screws and fixings are included, it is essential that you ensure the wall can carry the heaters weight and that you check for wiring or pipes before drilling into the wall. If in doubt we would recommend that an experienced tradesman installs them for you.

Q. What is the highest wattage of heaters you supply?
A. Our 1800w electric heater is the biggest in both ranges

Q. What ranges to you offer?
A. Please see our product page

Q. Do you offer a guarantee on your heaters?
A. We offer 10-year manufacturers guarantee on the heaters and towel rails, and 2-year manufacturers guarantee on the electronics.

Q. What do I need to make my heaters work off an app or computer?
A. You need the Calthermic Montblanc plus heaters with the Montblanc Plus MiniBox and a wifi router.

Q. Do the electric heaters have a thermostat?
A. Yes, all the Electric heaters we sell have a built-in thermostat.

Q. How will I know what size heater I  need?
A. Use our room size calculator to find out what electric heater is right for your home, at the moment this room calculator will only size up the ALHLH, APPLH heaters (Discontinued). We are in the process of getting a new calculator for our new Montblanc and Montblanc plus heaters, you can find on each heater the max room size the Montblanc and the Montblanc plus heater will heat up.

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