Simple Operation Guide for MONTBLANC & MONTBLANC PLUS

Listed below are a few quick steps to ensure you able to use the installed Calthermic Montblanc radiator. All of the information used below can be found in the instruction manual supplied with every radiator.


Once the radiator has been fitted to the wall and either plugged into a domestic three pin socket or hard wired into a spur/flex outlet, by an adequately qualified contractor, simply turn on the radiator.

Once switched on the main screen will flash, pressing any button will stop the screen flashing.

This will now be the display, although newly out of the box the radiator will be set at a temperature of 35 degrees. By pressing either the + or – buttons will adjust the “call” temperature to your desired level.

You can now operate the radiator manually, using the ON button to bring the radiator in and out of standby mode. The radiator will remember the temperature you set prior to being put in stand-by mode.


This will be required if you wish to use the programme facility. Also the clock screen is displayed. when the radiator is in stand‐by mode and without the time being set —:— will be displayed.

  • When the radiator display is as in Fig 1 press the ON button.
Clock lcd display on callidus heater
Fig 1
  • The display will now change to —:—  
  • Press and hold the ON button for approx. 7 seconds and the screen will change to Fig 2  
  • Press the ON button once more and the screen changes once more to Fig 3
  • The vertical numbers, with the number one flashing, represent the days of the week with
  • Monday being 1 and Sunday being 7
  • Adjust the pointer using the + and – buttons until the pointer is on the correct day.
  • Once on the correct day press OK. 
  • Now the first zero (hrs) is flashing. Set the hours using the + and – buttons.
  • Once on the correct hour press OK .
  • Now the two zeros (mins) are flashing. Set the minutes using the + and ‐ buttons.
  • Once on the correct minutes press OK.

The vertical 1‐7 day markers will now disappear & the radiator is in stand‐by mode The clock will now be visible every time the radiator is switched into standby mode.



Switch the radiator on using the ON button so the display is as Fig 1. Pressing the OK MODE button

Comfort setting on heater
Economy mode logo on heater

will now allow you to scroll through the modes of operation and select between – as well as

PRO User Defined Programme

PRO 1 Pre-set non configurable programme

PRO 2 Pre-set non configurable programme

PRO 3 Pre-set non configurable programme




• With the radiator ON (fig 1) press the OK MODE button, stop at COMFORT

• Use the + and – buttons to select your desired temperature

• Press the OK MODE button to set the ECONOMY

• Use the + and – buttons to select your desired temperature

• Press the OK MODE button • There is no adjust available for ANTI-FROST this is set at 7 degrees

Once these temperatures are set these are the ones used with in the programme settings. This is a great opportunity to ensure all rooms in the property are set with individual needs and requirements in mind. For instance your comfort temperature in the lounge/living room maybe 21 degrees, but in the bedroom it maybe 18 degrees, the flexibility is endless.


Scrolling through the modes will allow you to select one of the four programme functions. ALL programme options have a default setting as detailed in the full instruction manual with PRO being able to be modified and user defined.

It’s always a good idea to write down the required programmes per day before you start this operation. Be aware you will be timed out of this operation if there is a long delay, any changes made before the time out will be saved.

To adjust the settings in PRO –

• Start in standby, clock visible

• Press and hold the ON button for approx. 7 seconds or until the screen in fig 2 appears

• This operation always starts at MIDNIGHT on Monday morning

• The + and – buttons allow you to select the time segment

• The OK button is used to select your Comfort, Economy or Anti-frost per time segment

• Once Monday is set, the programme will automatically scroll through to Tuesday once you press the + button at 24h. This will then continue through the rest of the days.

• You can complete the process by pressing OK or automatically when you exceed the last time segment on the last day.

Visually the Comfort setting will have the time segment at the top, Economy at the bottom and if Anti-frost is selected the segment will be blank. Visual examples in Fig. 4 below.

Individual days can be edited by scrolling through the days using the + and – buttons until you reach the desired time and day.

To select your defined programme simply follow the directions in MODES on page 3.

Occupancy/motion sensor is deactivated automatically when in any programme mode.

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