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Montblanc Plus Wifi MiniBox

Montblanc Plus MiniBox control your heating anywhere in the world

The Montblanc Plus MiniBox is required for use with the Montblanc Plus radiator range.

Just connect your Montblanc Plus MiniBox to your home router and download the app on your mobile device to control your heating anywhere in the world.

  • Easy Installation
  • Control your heating from anywhere with Montblanc Plus app
  • Babycare & Motion Sensor On/Off
  • Consumption Graph per radiator/room
  • Control All Your Radiators Individually
  • Comfort/Economy/Antifrost/Programme
  • Maximum Control Of Comfort & Saving

£320.70 £240.33 Ex VAT

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Montblanc Plus MiniBox allows you to easily control your heating from a mobile device using our app

Montblanc Plus MiniBox (Formally Motus Mini Box) combines the latest technology with our patented and bespoke features to bring you the ultimate smart heating solution use with the Montblanc plus heaters. Perfect for offices, holiday homes and rented accommodation, our Montblanc plus smart electric radiators save you time and money by allowing you to control your heating for anywhere, at any time.

One of the most advanced wifi enabled, smart electric radiators on the market. The montblanc Plus range takes controlling the heating of your home to the next level.


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