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Montblanc1500 electric heater

Montblanc1500 (Formally Callidus motus1500) electric heater 9 Element 1500w

1500w electric heater digital controls with electronic thermostat accurate to within 0.2k. Built-in 24/7 timer

This heater will heat up a room up to 18m² at a ceiling height of 2.4m with good insulation

Width 870mm height 590mm depth 96mm


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Energy Efficient Electric Radiators

Perfect for larger rooms, the Calthermic Montblanc1500 can effectively heat a room up to 18m²


Motion Sensor (can save up to 12%)
Heating rooms when no-one is using them is now a thing of the past, with a field of detection consecutive active and inactive zones. If half the programmed time passes and movement is not detected by the heater, it will automatically reduce the temperature setting to an eco mode.

Detection for Open Windows and Doors (can save up to 4%)
If the room temperature suddenly drops by 2 degrees over a 14 minute period, the heater will go into standby mode.

Intuitive control panel
You can control your heaters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Child-Friendly Baby Care Functionality
For families with small children, the low surface temperature option ensures that your children are safe.

Covered by the Calthermic Montblanc Warranty
Your heater is covered by the Calthermic Montblanc 2 year warranty on parts, and a 10-year warranty on the aluminium element.

Ideal storage heater & wet system replacement
If you have a costly storage heating system, Calthermic Montblanc electric heaters are the perfect replacement.

If you are looking for the Calthermic Montblanc1500 Mobile App controlled heater, please see the Calthermic Montblanc plus electric heaters



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